She Was Supposed To Be A Bridesmaid In Her Friend’s Wedding But The Morning Of The Wedding She Packed Her Stuff And Bailed

A 28-year-old woman tied the knot a little over a month ago, and her very non-traditional wedding was a blast for all her guests.

She wore a black wedding dress and her husband opted for a white-colored suit. Nobody walked her down the aisle, she had multiple flower boys and girls, and she had her husband picked men and women to be in both of their bridal parties.

Her wedding was held at the home of her grandparents, and they paid for her flower arrangements, so that helped keep the costs down.

Also, she owns a clothing company, so she made her dress, her husband’s suit, and all the clothing for their wedding party which helped her save more on her wedding.

This past weekend, her friend P had a wedding, and she was set to be a bridesmaid since P was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

P’s wedding budget was pretty exorbitant, and it cost well over what her wedding had cost. The evening before P was going to get married, she, P, and the rest of the women in the wedding party were hanging out in the bridal suite doing spa-related activities.

When the night was done and the women headed to sleep, she got up to use the bathroom and overheard P speaking to her maid of honor.

“She was b******* about me and saying that how my wedding was so much cheaper but everyone liked that and that I have stolen her limelight and thunder by throwing such an unconventional one when I knew that her own dream wedding was more traditional,” she said.

“She called me “insufferable”, a b****, and a cheapskate. I flipped that very second. I was angry and went to my room (which I was sharing with two other friends, R and C).”

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