The Obituary This Man Penned For His “Special Sister” Is Going Viral And It’s Sure To Make You Cry

Erik Sydow recently lost his sister Karen Ann Sydow on September 5th. She was 61-years-old at the time of her passing, and she was described by Erik as his “special sister.”

Erik penned such a moving and touching tribute to his sister in her obituary, and it was shared this past weekend in the Los Angeles Times.

It’s now going viral, and although it’s only 189 words long, it’s sure to make you cry.

“In memory of my sister who never had wants or misgivings,” Erik began in Karen’s obituary, before explaining that she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after she had been born.

Karen’s cerebral palsy affected her speech, and she could say just three words throughout her lifetime.

Karen could say piano, and she just adored music. She could say mom, and that was her favorite person on earth.

Erik Sydow; pictured above is Karen

The third word she could say was Donalds, which really meant McDonald’s, since she loved it.

Erik mentioned in the next part of Karen’s obituary that he had a lot of trouble getting to see her over the past two years due to the pandemic.

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