Their Mom Absolutely Roasted Their Dad On His Gravestone And They’re Telling The Internet Dad’s Mistress Is Mad About It

A few hours ago, one person revealed to the internet that their dad recently passed away, and their mom chose to absolutely roast him on his gravestone.

Things between this person’s parents began to really fall apart leading up to the months before their dad’s passing, as their dad was cheating on their mom with his co-worker, who was married.

Dad then got his mistress pregnant, and his plan was to leave their mom behind for good and travel to Canada to kick off another life alongside his mistress.

Dad even was planning on buying a house in Canada and everything for him and his mistress to live in.

Well, right before dad passed away, he had left the house he was living in with this person’s mom and moved into a new place with his mistress.

This person said that their dad and mom did not officially get divorced and there was no legal paperwork involved with them no longer living together.

Their parents had started taking steps towards making their separation legal, but that didn’t happen before dad ended up dying.

He ultimately passed away after having a heart attack while being intimate with his mistress.

So, this person is currently back home to help their mom take care of everything in light of their dad’s passing, and the rest of this person’s siblings no longer live at home.

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