These Two Police Dogs Were Shot By An Armed Carjacker But They Are Thankfully Recovering From Their Injuries

A little under 2 hours later, the carjacker, who was later identified as 21-year-old Shedrick Singleton Jr, left the woods and deputies again approached him.

The carjacker started shooting at the deputies, and another police dog named Endo got shot in the process.

The injuries that Endo received were life-threatening, but thankfully, he and Ax are both recovering successfully.

“There is no doubt that K-9 Ax and K-9 Endo took bullets that were meant for my deputies,” Sheriff Chitwood said at a press conference.

“If the deputies would have gone into the woods, the first person to come in contact with Singleton, without a doubt, would have been shot.”

Facebook; pictured above is Endo

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