This 13-Year-Old Boy Is Being Called A Hero For Saving His 4 Sisters After Their House Caught On Fire And Burned To The Ground

Sadly, the Omar Family’s house entirely burned to the ground and they lost absolutely everything in the fire.

It’s not clear what caused the blaze, and it is being investigated at this time.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Briar with the family’s dog Mandy

“Kelly and her husband Jay, have had a roller coaster of events occur in their lives over the last few years,” a friend of the family named Sian McKosato wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“From pregnancy loss, to Kelly almost dying, her youngest daughter has been having struggles with seizures, and now a house fire that consumed all of their belongings.”

“Her two oldest children Briar and Peyton were able to get their 3 baby sisters out of the burning home to safety.”

“They may have lost everything in the fire, but they have each other, and that’s a blessing. Briar and Peyton should be recognized as heroes for saving their baby sisters and rewarded.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page created to help replace everything the Omar Family has lost, you can do that here.

GoFundMe; pictured above is the family’s house after the fire

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