This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Plastic Ring As A Joke And Now He’s Telling The Internet He Thinks She’s Childish For How She Reacted

A 35-year-old guy has been dating his 30-year-old girlfriend for 5 years now, and over the past 3 years, she has let him know that she would really like to get married to him.

His response to her has always been to just wait and see what happens because it will happen at some point.

Well, yesterday evening he went out with some of his friends and had a little too much to drink. Over the course of the evening, this guy and his friends ended up somewhere where there were arcade machines.

“I won a stupid plastic ring,” he said. “In my tipsy state, I was like “aha know what would be a great idea? If I pretended to propose to girlfriend with this.”

All of his friends thought it was a great idea and laughed, so he went home to do that.

It was around midnight when he got home and his girlfriend was sleeping, so he woke her up by telling her to quickly get out of bed.

He did this all in such a way that she started getting concerned and asked him what was wrong.

He instructed his girlfriend to sit on the bed, and he got down and proposed to her with the plastic ring he had won that night.

He also asked her to marry him, before laughing in her face. Understandably, she did not think this was a joke, nor did she find it funny.

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