Toddler Born With An Extremely Rare Genetic Disease Is Already Beating The Odds For Her Survival Rate But Her Loved Ones Are Looking For Help

Irving, Texas. Delta Quinn Ashwin is an adorable little toddler living in Texas along with her family.

She was born on March 5th, 2019, a few days early. “Delta’s life has been full of growing, learning, laughing, and making everyone who meets her smile these last two-and-a-half years,” a GoFundMe page created for her explains.

Last year, Delta’s parents realized that she was going through delays in her motor development, and so they began working with multiple specialists to help figure out why this was happening to Delta.

After going through testing, doctors learned that Delta had something called Leigh Syndrome, which is an extremely rare genetic disease that impacts one child out of every 40,000 that are born.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Delta

“The disease is caused by a genetic defect and will get progressively worse with time, affecting all major organs – especially the brain and nervous system,” the GoFundMe page continued.

“While the average life expectancy of a child diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome is 2.5 years, recent advances in research, support, and therapy have helped many children extend the time they have to love and be loved.”

“Delta will turn 2.5 on September 5th, 2021.”

Leigh Syndrome impacts the spinal cord, brain, and optic nerve, and it causes a person’s central nervous system to essentially fall apart.

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