130 Days Ago She Vanished After Someone Recorded Her Looking Disoriented And This Is The Final Voicemail She Left Her Mom

Prestonsburg, Kentucky. On June 1st of this summer, 36-year-old Kandi Gonzalez was obviously in need of help when someone recorded her on the Potter family’s lawn in the area of Abbott Creek Road.

That day, Kandi was dressed in a romper and she had none of her personal belongings with her.

She appeared confused and disoriented in a video that has since been shared on social media, and right before Kandi headed across the lawn and into a creek, vanishing completely, she left a voicemail for her mom.

Here’s what it said.

Facebook; pictured above is Kandi

“Listen, I have your daughter, she says she’s your daughter, in my yard,” a woman who is part of the Potter family explained in the voicemail left for Betty Jo, Kandi’s mom.

“She’s asked me to call you..she’s…she’s…and her boyfriend apparently has kicked her out.”

You can hear Kandi in the background talking, but it’s muffled and unintelligible. “I thought that’s what you were saying,” the woman replied to Kandi.

Kandi is then passed the phone, and she sounded extremely distressed. “Mom, hey mom,” Kandi said.

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