16-Month-Old Girl Terribly Injured In A Lawnmower Accident

Mulvane, Kansas. 16-month-old Everlee Alumbaugh’s loved ones say she is a special, kind, and loving little girl who brightens the lives of everyone she knows.

On September 18th, Everlee’s parents left her in the care of one of their relatives, as her mom was away and her dad needed to be at work that day.

While Everlee was with her relative, she sadly got terribly injured in an accident with a lawnmower.

“Everlee was involved in a devastating accident involving a riding lawnmower,” Brian Dumbald wrote on a GoFundMe page created to help cover Everlee’s medical expenses.

“Everlee’s medical bills are going to be exceptionally high and her future medical needs cannot even be calculated at this point.”

“Everlee is still in the ICU at the hospital fighting for her life and has made it through the first of many surgeries still yet to come. Everlee, unfortunately, ended up having several amputations and other extensive internal injuries from this accident.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Everlee

In another GoFundMe organized for Everlee, her grandmother Shannon Putman Marlatt explained the extent of the poor little girl’s injuries.

According to Shannon, Everlee needed to initially have her right leg amputated, and then she required surgery on her jaw.

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