20 Years Ago Her Brother’s Friend Drove Her To Her Friend’s House For A Movie Night And Then This Teen Went Missing

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was June 3rd, 2001, and 15-year-old Erin Kay Pospisil was thrilled that the school year was finished and summer was officially about to begin.

To celebrate, she wanted to go to her friend Brit’s home so they could have a movie night together.

Their night in was also supposed to be dedicated to getting some work done too…though not schoolwork. It was something much more fun than that.

The girls were in the process of organizing a party for one of their other friends as a surprise, so they were happy to be finalizing those plans that evening as well since they only had 4 days to get it all done.

On the night of June 3rd, Erin’s older brother had a friend hanging out at their house named Curtis. When Curtis learned that Erin was trying to get a ride over to Brit’s, he offered to get her there.

Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse; pictured above is Erin

At 8:45, Erin and Curtis walked out of the home Erin shared with her family, and they got into Curtis’s car.

Erin never made it to Brit’s though. She disappeared, and it’s now been 20 long years since she went missing.

“When they got to Brit’s house, no one answered the door. (Turns out that she had “run to the store” for chips and soda.),” Erin’s family said on a website they dedicated to finding her.

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