3 People Who Actually Met A Murderer In Real Life Talk About Their Experiences

It’s chilling enough to read stories about murderers or watch TV shows based upon them, but could you imagine running into a murderer in real life?

These 3 people actually have met a murderer in real life, and here are their experiences for you below.

fergregory –

“One of the smartest, most popular, and friendliest guys at my high school. He stood up for people who got bullied, he included everyone, he helped people who needed it all the time.”

“Seemed like an utterly selfless guy. Literally, everybody loved the guy. Two years ago killed his wife and then himself after an argument.”


“Sat next to him in choir class. He was always kind of off. He operated on his own wavelength. Constantly in his own world, never really engaging with anybody. People just didn’t really exist on his radar.”

“On a class trip, we slept in the same hotel room and he walked around naked like I wasn’t even there. I always assumed he was autistic, but in hindsight, it might have been something much worse, like schizophrenia. He never seemed violent, but nobody ever talked to him enough to ever make that conclusion in the first place.”

“A few months ago he beat and stabbed his mother to death with a kitchen knife. It was so bad dental records were needed to identify the body. He cut off one of her breasts and implied in his confession that he ate part of it.”

“He waited until his dad came home from work to show him what he’d done. Claimed he saw a sign from the devil that told him to kill her. (That may have been a lie. From what I heard he was very excited to tell the police what he had done. And from what I do know about him, he might have said it for the attention.)”

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