3 Stories Of People Who Narrowly Avoided Being Murdered

I think many of us can safely say that we have gone about our lives without ever meeting a murderer or nearly fallen victim to one.

These 3 people, however, not only met murderers or attempted murders…they narrowly avoided being killed by them.

Here are their 3 horrifying stories below.

alexvh –

“I grew up in the middle of nowhere about 20 miles below the Canadian border. Kids rode snowmobiles and riding lawnmowers to school…it’s redneck country. Anyway, I lived halfway down this 7 mile long dead-end road with only a dozen homes on it, privacy is a huge deal to a lot of these folks, lots of “prepper” types, lots of farms and cows.”

“The bus would pick up the girl in the first house, come get me and then drive all the way to the end and turn around in the big sand pit the town used for icy roads.”

“There was an old beat up mobile home near the pit with kids toys out front, but, I’d never seen a kid get on the bus up there until half way thru my 9th grade year.”

“A kinda dirty, loner looking metal head (literally just like me) walks out of the trailer and pops on the bus. I start talking to him about his Burzum shirt, his name was Brandon, asking him what other bands he likes etc.. he tells me, he’s been homeschooled and finally convinced his Uber religious parents to let him go to public school.”

“I’m stoked, there was less than a handful of punk/metal kids in my school and most of them grew up together, where I transferred in. He was just like me! We’re def gonna be friends, plus he only lives a mile down the road….”

“I help him integrate into my weirdo 6 friend circle and we’re all going to local shows together for a few weeks…and, this dude was just rubbing everybody wrong. Was very cryptic, sinister, always talking about faces of death films, ALWAYS talking about hunting/skinning/taxidermy, we all thought he was “trying too hard” to seem cool or whatever, it’s a hunting town, maybe his dad taught him or something, but he was always very aggressive, just had this way of looking THRU you instead of at you. He slowly got pushed out of the lil group, but I always hung out with him on the bus rides, sharing cds and talking guitars.”

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