6 Years Ago She Was Found Murdered In Her Bathtub With Burning Hot Water Running Over Her And Her Killer Has Yet To Be Caught

Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Markia Benson was a 36-year-old woman who lived in the New Orleans Park Apartments located in the Secane neighborhood.

She worked for a local company that specialized in packaging, and on the morning of March 30, 2016, she sent her mom a text message right before she was set to show up at her job.

However, Markia never made it to work that day, which immediately worried her coworkers. A few of them decided to drive over to her place to see if she was alright.

Since her door was locked and she was not answering them, they asked the manager of the apartment building to let them into her apartment.

That’s when they discovered a horrific scene.

Markia was lying dead in her bathtub without any clothes on, and there was burning hot water running out of the faucet and all over her.

Outside of the bathroom, Markia’s apartment was a chaotic scene. Michael Chitwood, the Upper Darby Police Superintendent, said to NBC10 that, “The apartment itself was in total disarray — blood on the walls, feces on the floors, some writing on the walls.

Upper Darby Police Department; pictured above is Markia

The person who had taken Markia’s life had done so with an intense amount of anger that it shocked investigators.

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