A Family Went Missing And It Was Feared They Got Swept Out To Sea But 17 Days Later They Turned Up Safe

A New Zealand man by the name of Thomas Phillips decided to bring his kids on a camping trip to Marokopa in New Zealand.

Thomas and his three kids; 8-year-old Jayda Jin, 6-year-old Maverick, and 5-year-old Ember set out for their trip, but not long into it, their loved ones stopped hearing from them.

On September 11th, Thomas and the kids were reported missing by their family.

The day after the family was reported missing, Thomas’s car, a 2004 silver Toyota Hilux, was discovered, but there was still no sign of Thomas and the kids.

Waikato Police; pictured above is Maverick

Thomas’s car had been abandoned on Kiritehere Beach, which is not exactly what you think of when you imagine a beach. Kiritehere Beach can be pretty dangerous, and the Waikato Police shared a statement from Thomas’s family that revealed they feared the worst had happened to him and the kids.

“There was no noticeable change in Tom’s behaviour observed by the family,” Thomas’s family said in the statement.

Waikato Police; pictured above is Jayda Jin

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