A Family Went Missing And It Was Feared They Got Swept Out To Sea But 17 Days Later They Turned Up Safe

“Tom’s family were advised on Monday morning that Tom’s vehicle had been found on Kiritehere Beach and had moved away from the incoming tide late on Sunday afternoon.”

“We immediately contacted the authorities, as this was out of character. Because of where the vehicle was found we are understandably very anxious and fearful for the safety of Tom and the children.”

“It is possible that they were all swept off the beach as the sea was particularly wild over the weekend.”

Waikato Police; pictured above is Thomas’s car

“We are hopeful that Tom has taken the children camping and that they are safe somewhere. There is no knowledge that he had plans to do this.”

For the next few weeks following the discovery of Thomas’s car, authorities desperately searched the area without any luck.

Waikato Police; pictured above is Ember

The conditions were described as “tough and treacherous” so it really was hard to look for Thomas and the kids.

Several days after the authorities had called the search for Thomas and his kids off, they showed up in Marokopa, completely unharmed.

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