After She Suffered A Miscarriage, These Are The Amazing Texts Her Friend Sent To Help Support Her

“4.) I can send prayers & good vibes & you can politely decline any tangible services at this time.”

Instagram; pictured above is a screenshot of the text that Ashlee’s friend sent her with a selection of things she was happy to help do for her

In response, Ashlee texted her friend back, including a photo of a toilet paper roll in her bathroom. She mentioned that was the only roll she had left in her whole house, and asked her friend if she could pick up some toilet paper for her while at Target.

Gregory Smith –

Ashlee’s friend said she would grab that, before asking if Ashlee would like anything else, to which Ashlee replied Cheez-It snacks would be great because that’s the only thing she felt like eating.

Ashlee’s friend then dropped everything off at her front door, and that’s the explanation behind the first photo from the Instagram thread.

What Ashlee’s friend did for her was such a kind gesture, and it’s a great example of how to really be there for someone in their time of need.

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