He Told His Girlfriend She Should Get A Boob Job But Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Shouldn’t Have Said That

A 26-year-old man began dating his 24-year-old girlfriend Lissa around 10 months ago. Things between him and Lissa started out slow and gradually progressed into a serious relationship, however, they have not told one another that they’re in love yet.

“Early in our relationship we developed a very weird dynamic when she wanted a compliment, she would say something bad about herself and I then would tell her she’s beautiful and that there’s nothing wrong with her,” he explained.

For instance, if she was upset about how her hair looked, he would compliment her on it. So, he’s constantly reassuring her about how she looks pretty much.

A few weeks ago, Lissa came over to his house, and she ended up finding a photo of him hugging his ex-girlfriend inside of a notebook.

He honestly forgot he even had that photo, and it’s not like he was hanging onto it intentionally. Despite that, Lissa was furious.

She accused him of still caring for his ex, which he denied as he tossed the photo in the garbage.

Lissa continued to be mad at him and then started making ridiculous comments out of nowhere about how his ex had big boobs and he definitely was missing that.

While ex was bigger chested than Lissa, to be frank, that’s not something he cares about at all.

“Anyway after this incident, she would constantly say she “wished she had bigger boobs” so that she could make me happy,” he said.

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