Her Neighbor Threatened Her Over Her Halloween Decorations And She’s Telling The Internet There’s No Way She’s Taking Them Down

Around 2 years ago a woman and her husband moved into their house, right after they tied the knot.

The pandemic made it impossible to celebrate Halloween since they moved in, and it’s their favorite holiday of all.

Now that they’re finally able to celebrate their favorite holiday, she and her husband thought it would be fun to get a bunch of decorations.

“We filled our yard with tombstones and skeletons,” she explained. “All of our bushes and trees are wrapped in fake webbing, the tree closest to the street having a huge 6-foot spider dangling from its limbs.”

“The final touch was a huge rope web, that we added extra webbing to fill it out, that hangs from our roof all the way out to the street. We’re not into gory stuff so we got a couple of fuzzy spider decorations to place around the yard.”

“It took us hours to decorate and we were so excited, my husband looked like a kid in a candy store.”

Yesterday, she was home alone and her husband had gone to work. Someone knocked on her door, and when she answered it, she found her neighbor outside looking panicked.

Before she could ask her neighbor what was wrong, he screamed at her that she needed to take all of her Halloween decorations in her yard down.

Given that her neighbor has always been pleasant to deal with, she was just shocked.

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