Her Sister-In-Law Is Threatening To Not Come To Her Wedding After She Was Told Her Emotional Support Dog Isn’t Invited

A woman is set to have her wedding in only a few more weeks, and her fiancé’s sister is already making waves for this couple.

Well, her fiancé’s sister has caused problems for her fiancé’s family in the past, and she has always gotten into…trouble.

Her fiancé’s sister is very conceited and thinks everything needs to be all about her. While this woman does think that her sister-in-law’s behavior has improved in the past several years, it’s not always permanent. Sometimes, her sister-in-law slides back into her old ways.

“A couple years back, she went through a terrible relationship that really hurt her,” she explained about her sister-in-law.

“It’s caused a great deal of anxiety and depression in her. So her parents got her a small dog- A Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix- to help manage it.”

“She loves the dog, dresses it up, gives it manicures, takes it almost everywhere she can. Her professors even let her bring the dog into class. It’s an okay dog, maybe a little annoying at times.”

Anyway, her wedding is upcoming, and her sister-in-law got an invite to attend.

She never imagined her sister-in-law planned on bringing her dog with her though, so imagine her surprise when her fiancé got a text wondering if the dog should be wearing a bowtie or a suit to the wedding.

Her fiancé wasted no time setting his sister straight on leaving her dog at home, especially since they’re getting married in a church that doesn’t even let dogs in.

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