Her Sister-In-Law Just Got Married And Accused Her Of Stealing All The Attention Away At The Wedding

Her sister-in-law said she was happy she liked the wedding, before adding, “After all, everyone enjoys being the star of the show.”

Genuinely confused, she wondered what her sister-in-law had meant by that comment. Her sister-in-law then accused her of stealing away all of the attention that should have been on her.

“I calmly explained to her that I wasn’t trying to steal attention from her and that I was just trying to make myself look nice for her special day,” she continued.

“Apparently, she didn’t agree with this because she shouted “WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE LET ME HAVE ONE DAY WHERE I COULD PRETEND THAT I WAS PRETTY?’ WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN SO HARD?!!!?” At this point, people were starting to get a bit freaked out and started to leave.”

She and her husband went home, and since the wedding, she’s been getting tons of texts from all of her in-laws that are in agreement that she’s the worst for looking nice.

How would you deal with this?

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