Her Sister Is Wearing Revealing Clothing Around Her Fiancé And She’s Telling The Internet Her Sister Didn’t Handle It Well When She Confronted Her

A 22-year-old woman has a 31-year-old sister named Mia, who got divorced not that long ago. After Mia’s divorce, she agreed to let her sister come live with her and her fiancé for a bit.

Mia has always dressed very modestly, but as soon as Mia moved in, she noticed a concerning change with her older sister.

Mia will get dressed in what she normally wears, but when her fiancé is home, Mia will immediately change into clothing that is pretty revealing.

It’s painfully obvious what Mia is doing, and it’s been going on since she got to their apartment. Mia’s behavior is something her fiancé has now picked up on, and he’s starting to feel uneasy.

“My fiancé started noticing it as well and it makes him uncomfortable, he told me on many different occasions that Mia will do stuff like drop something on purpose and pick it up backside facing my fiancé or eat a banana very seductively while looking my fiancé in the eyes,” she said.

“I thought he was joking at first but I witnessed it with my very own eyes, I mean I understand she’s going through a hard time after her divorce or what not but this is honestly ridiculous.”

Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to have a chat with Mia, pointing out how what she is doing is not only making her upset, but it’s making her fiancé upset too.

She then asked Mia to not change into revealing clothes around her fiancé. To make it crystal clear to her sister what needed to change, she then went into a list of other things she wanted Mia to quit doing.

Mia did not take the conversation well and accused her of being sexist. Mia then took things to social media and wrote up a whole Facebook post about what she had said to her.

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