His Job Was To Keep His Sister’s Kids From Making A Scene At Her Wedding And She’s Mad He Wasn’t Able To Do That

A man’s sister got married two weeks ago, and she gave him the job of making sure her kids wouldn’t cause a scene at her wedding.

19 months ago, his sister’s husband died of cancer, and his 11-year-old nephew Tyler and 10-year-old niece Cayleigh have had a very difficult time dealing with the loss of their dad.

His sister began dating 9 months after her husband passed away, which caused even more stress for Tyler and Cayleigh.

He thinks his sister moved on in a way that others might consider to be quick since she had known her husband was going to pass and grieved a lot before he did.

He did admit that he and the rest of his family believed she would take her time getting married, though that wasn’t the case.

4 months after dating, her sister got engaged to her boyfriend, and when her kids found out they were beside themselves.

“They have cried on my shoulder several times because they don’t get how their mom could get married again,” he explained.

“And they don’t get what they’re supposed to like about the new guy. My nephew even said he doesn’t get how he’s supposed to love him and think of him a new dad or even a new member of the family when their family was so good before and now they’ll never have a good family again.”

He’s done his very best to try to make Tyler and Cayleigh feel better about their mom’s decision, and he knows a thing or two about losing a loved one since his brother passed away many years ago.

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