His Wife Wants To Name Their Son After Her Dead Coworker He’s Never Even Heard Of And He’s Asking The Internet If It’s Ok To Be Really Uneasy About This

A 30-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife are expecting their firstborn child soon. They know they are having a boy, and so several weeks back they started working on names for their son.

His wife really loves modern, Southern names, such as Braxton or Kaysen, which are on their baby name list.

It really threw him for a loop though when his wife picked out Scott and stuck that right at the top of the list.

Obviously, that’s not a modern or Southern name, so he really had no idea why she picked that out as an important potential name for their son.

He did ask his wife about the name and why she was so into it, but she did not give him an answer about it.

Since he is fond of the name, he dropped it all entirely and that was it. Two days ago, this man and his wife sat down to pick out the final name for their son, and they chose Scott for his first name, which both made them happy.

“As we were going to bed I asked how she thought of the name Scott and she admitted to me that now that I “set it in stone” that she felt more comfortable telling me,” he explained.

“There was an older man she apparently worked with, who I had never heard of before, that she really loved named Scott.”

“She said he was 66 and gave her a lot of life advice and guidance but died last year due to being immunocompromised.”

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