She Jumped Right Into A Hot Spring To Save Her Dog And Now She’s In A Coma With Burns To 91% Of Her Body

Idaho Falls, Idaho. 20-year-old Laiha Slayton is currently at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in the burn unit, where she has been placed in a medically induced coma.

Earlier this week on the afternoon of October 4th, Laiha, her dad, and her puppy named Rusty went to Yellowstone National Park together.

At some point in their trip, Laiha and her dad stopped their car and got out to take in the scenery.

While they were getting out of the car, Rusty escaped and ended up jumping straight into Maiden’s Grave Spring.

Maiden’s Grave Spring is a hot spring, and according to the National Park Service, the water temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit inside of that spring.

As soon as Laiha saw Rusty enter the water, she jumped in after him in an effort to rescue him before it was too late.

GoFundMe; pictured above Laiha smiles with her puppy Rusty

Laiha’s dad then got Laiha and Rusty out of the hot spring, and he could see that Laiha had suffered horrific burns in the process of saving Rusty.

Laiha was ultimately airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to be treated for her injuries, while her dad rushed Rusty to a veterinarian.

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