She Went On A Date With A Creepy Guy She Met On Tinder, Then Asked The Internet If This Was Normal

He insisted she should “think about it” and then when they parted ways, he texted her nonstop.

Again, she told him she was not into him and was also not interested in going on another date, but this guy was not taking no for an answer.

He then sent her very personal photos of himself let’s just say, before saying she should let a few weeks go by and then see if she likes him when she’s ovulating and he understands her body more than she does.

Creepy, right? She unmatched him and was left wondering if this is normal online dating behavior.

She only spoke to him on Tinder, not on any other platforms, so she’s really hoping he doesn’t find her on social media.

“I’m still in shock. Is this what a “nice guy” is? Is this supposed to be normal today on tinder?”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Even if 90% of men acted like this, you would be well within your rights to walk out once he started being creepy. Don’t let politeness override your good judgment. Your time is valuable.”


“Reading this, I thought you guys were 19, not 26! Girl. Learn to hit that block button ALOT sooner. This was a total waste of time, the guy is a psycho.”


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