She’s Upset Her Cousin Didn’t Include Her As A Bridesmaid And So Now She’s Ignoring Her

A 34-year-old woman has a 25-year-old cousin named Anna, and the thing is, they were so close growing up that Anna isn’t really like a cousin to her at all…

…She’s more like a younger sister. When she and Anna lost their cousin Jake several years ago, they got closer than they already were.

She was the person who let Anna taste alcohol for the first time, and she was the one who had the talk with her about the birds and the bees.

She would bring Anna to spend time with her at the beach, she would always do her makeup and hair for school dances, and she was the one who helped Anna get ready for her prom.

Then, it came time for Anna to move for college, and Anna ended up missing home so much that she hopped in her car and made the 3-hour trip to see her.

She made sure Anna felt alright and comfortable before leaving, and after that, Anna would continue to call her every single weekend.

When she got engaged to her husband and then married to him, there was just no doubt in her mind that Anna needed to be included.

She began seeing her husband when Anna was little, so Anna ended up being very close with her husband.

As soon as her aunt learned that she planned on making Anna a bridesmaid in her wedding, her aunt asked if she could also include Anna’s sister, who she wasn’t as close to.

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