This Brave Young Woman Is Bending Beauty Standards By Letting Her Mustache And Unibrow Grow

Eldina says that as soon as you start considering standards of beauty in the way, it’s more obvious how absurd they seem.

“…Please just remember, we all look different,” she said in another one of her posts. “Everybody looking alike would have been creepy and very very impractical (Imagine the scenario!) whatever choice you make is okay, just think about who you’re making it for.”

“I think we put too much emphasis on looks in our society and see different bodies as having different values and meanings.”

“But in reality, they’re just our bodies, and how we look doesn’t have to hold any information about how we are as people, what our interests and dreams are or why we make the choices we make.”

At the end of the day, beauty is really whatever you want it to be. Thank you for reminding us of that, Eldina!

You can follow Eldina on Instagram here! She also started a YouTube channel, and although she hasn’t made any videos yet, she will once she reaches a certain number of followers.

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