This Teen’s Mom Threatened To Give Away His Cat So He’s Telling The Internet He’s Going To Flush Grandma’s Ashes Down The Toilet If That Happens

A 16-year-old teen sadly just lost his dad. His dad had a cat, Luna, that he absolutely adored, and he loves his dad’s cat too.

The issue is, this teen’s mom isn’t a cat person, and she dislikes Luna because she can’t seem to get along with her at all.

This teen thinks Luna’s personality is very much so like his dad’s and Luna is incredibly special to him, especially in light of his dad’s passing.

He describes Luna as his very best friend, and Luna has greatly helped him through some rough spots in his life.

Not too long ago, he discovered a Facebook post his mom made saying that Luna needs to go find a new home, and he was understandably upset.

Now, this teen pointed out that they have a lot of money and ways to provide for Luna, so it’s completely unnecessary to give Luna away.

“My mom said she’s tired of Luna and “wants to get rid of the reminders of my dad”. I told her if she gets rid of Luna I’m flushing her mom’s ashes down the toilet,” he said.

His mom argued that Luna is her cat, so she can do anything she wants with Luna.

“I just want to mention that my mom was not a good person to my dad during their marriage, and I believe my dad was considering divorce for about a month,” he continued.

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