Video Footage Proves This Teen Got Off The School Bus 11 Years Ago, But Then She Disappeared

Spring, Texas. 16-year-old Alexandria Joy Lowitzer was a student at Spring High School who loved animals and art.

Those closest to her called her Ali. She was a Girl Scout. She also played softball (she was the catcher) and sang in the choir.

Ali enjoyed painting, drawing, and spending time listening to her favorite music. Something of a homebody, Ali really never ventured out to spend time with her friends. Instead, they would come over to hang at her house.

It was April 26th, 2010, and Ali was about to finish school for the day. Right before she got on the school bus, Ali placed a call to her mom, Jo Ann, to talk about picking up the paycheck that was waiting for her at the Burger Barn.

Ali had recently started her job there, and she was excited about the money she had earned with her hard work.

Ali always got dropped off at work, but that day, she wanted her mom to let her walk to the Burger Barn to get her paycheck since her grandma wasn’t around to drive her.

Facebook; pictured above is Ali

The walk would only take Ali a quarter of a mile to get from her house to where she worked, and at first, Jo Ann wasn’t keen on letting Ali make the trip.

Jo Ann told Ali that her grandma probably could get her there the following day, but Ali pleaded with Jo Ann to let her walk there without having to wait for a ride.

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