This Teen’s Mom Threatened To Give Away His Cat So He’s Telling The Internet He’s Going To Flush Grandma’s Ashes Down The Toilet If That Happens

“I also suspected my mom was cheating on my dad and told my dad of such, but I don’t think she was ever caught in the act.”

“My dad also had a very suspicious death, he died in his sleep while having no major conditions that would make him more susceptible to this cause of death.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“In fact, I’d say your mom has it backward, Grandma is already gone, your cat is alive and well. If anyone’s not being reasonable, it’s mom.”


“I’m sorry for your loss. A big hug to you and Luna. Also, is there any way for you to get yourself and Luna out of there and go live somewhere else?”

“Please, do not leave Luna alone at any moment. Your mom sounds like a bad person. I’m sorry for saying that but that is what I think by what you said.”

“Talk to an adult you can trust and tell them the situation you’re at and ask if you can go stay with them for a while. My best wishes to you.”


“I mean it’s definitely rude but I don’t think it was an unjustified response. To some people, it’s just a pet but to others, it’s not.”

“Everybody grieves in different ways but I would remind your mother she’ll never be able to get rid of all the reminders as you still exist and you would like to keep certain things.”

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