This Young Family Got Severely Sick And Lost All Of Their Belongings Due To Toxic Mold And Their Landlord Is Refusing To Do Anything About It

Youngstown, Ohio. Last October, Lindsay Knotts and her husband Zach decided to pick up and move from Texas to Ohio when they learned that they were going to be expecting a little girl.

So, the young family searched for a rental house, and they found one that they would be able to rent to eventually buy and call their own.

The house they picked was originally built back in 1929, and before they agreed to take it, they did have an inspection done on the house by their landlord (a company that offers rent-to-own homes across the nation).

The person who did the inspection told Lindsay and Zach that everything looked good for them to move forward with moving in, though the inspector acknowledged to them that their new basement had a lot of moisture and leaks.

Lindsay and Zach quickly realized that anytime there was rain or snow outside, the basement started accumulating a lot of water, and it turns out there are holes in the basement’s windows and walls.

Lindsay and Zach did reach out to their landlord, who refused to accept or correct the major problem that they were having with their basement flooding.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Lindsay, Zach, and their daughter Willow

Lindsay and Zach spent close to a year pleading with their landlord to do something, without success, and over the course of their time spent in their home, their situation became even more alarming.

“I began having excruciating migraine headaches every single day,” Lindsay explained. “Mind you, I have no history of migraines. I also began to sneeze constantly and have immense sinus pressure and pain.”

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