This Young Family Got Severely Sick And Lost All Of Their Belongings Due To Toxic Mold And Their Landlord Is Refusing To Do Anything About It

“My body began to have unexplained aches and pains, my eyes started to burn constantly, and I became extremely fatigued. Then, I began having severe digestive issues, which I began to be affected by daily.”

Lindsay was not the only one in their home who started to get sick; Zach did as well.

“My husband, Zack, also “mysteriously” started to develop severe digestive issues and extreme fatigue,” Lindsay said.

“His muscles and joints began to ache, just like mine. And he also developed severe sleep apnea (which he also had no prior history of.)”

GoFundMe; pictured above Lindsay smiles with Willow

As the couple grew sicker, they couldn’t figure out what was going on and what the cause of their symptoms was.

It was only after Zach walked into the basement after a day of a lot of rain that he spotted the problem; there was black mold coating the entire basement.

They immediately contacted their landlord about the mold problem, and although the landlord sent someone to take care of it, they didn’t remove the mold; they just took several panels of the wall and removed those.

The black mold was still all throughout their basement, and they then called an expert in to help them deal with this.

“When the expert came, he was stunned to see the condition of the basement,” Lindsay continued.

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