His Fiancée Expects Him To Get Up At Their Wedding And Lie About How They Met To All Their Guests And She’s Threatening To Call Off The Wedding If He Doesn’t

One man met his fiancée on a dating app, which really isn’t too outlandish in today’s world.

In fact, it’s somewhat normal these days and I’m sure you probably know someone who met their significant other on one.

Anyway, this man was dating his fiancée for 2 years, and he just asked her to marry him. Things sound like they’re going well, right? Wrong.

His fiancée told him that she wants him to get up during their wedding and give a speech. She doesn’t want it to be heartfelt though; she wants it to be scripted per her requirements.

The problem is, she wants him to lie at their wedding to all their guests about how they met one another in the first place.

“….She keeps telling me that during the wedding she wants me to give a “speech” talking about how I met her while she was working at a coffee shop and I was so attracted to her that it was love at first sight and I immediately asked her to be my girlfriend,” he explained.

“She says that this makes her look better and will make her look good to her friends if I say that she was so beautiful that I immediately asked her out.”

“To clarify she is saying I have to say that I asked her to be my GF right at the counter without even having any sort of conversation with her first.”

He thinks this is super creepy behavior to ask someone you don’t know or have never spoken with to be your girlfriend, and he’s concerned people will think he’s weird for telling this version of events (which they will just think is the truth).

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