30 Years Ago She Was Stabbed To Death In Her House While Her Little Girl Concealed Herself In A Closet And Her Case Has Long Since Grown Cold

Jacksonville, Florida. 24-year-old Sherry Ross lived on Thomas Street in the Lackawanna neighborhood of Jacksonville, along with her husband and 6-year-old little girl Graylyn.

On May 8th, 1991, Sherry drove to Graylyn’s school to pick her up when she was finished for the day, then Sherry and Graylyn returned home.

It was just the two of them in the house, and Graylyn was in her bedroom when she heard a man come into their home and start telling her mom to give him money.

Graylyn rushed to conceal herself inside of a closet in her bedroom, where she remained, despite wanting to go to her mom’s aid.

“I remember being in the closet and having a bat,” Graylyn told Project Cold Case. “I remember the bat because I was contemplating getting it and helping my mom.”

She could hear her mom yelling and fighting back against the man.

When Graylyn no longer heard the man’s voice or that of her mom’s and the house fell quiet, she came outside of the closet to see what was going on.

“I remember creeping out of my room and immediately seeing blood on the floor,” she continued.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Sherry with Graylyn

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