Everyone Calls His Wife Michael And He’s Telling The Internet Now It’s Just Making Him Upset

A man is married to his wife, and back when her mom first became pregnant with her, they thought she was going to be a boy instead of a girl.

His wife mom and dad wanted to name her Michael since they genuinely figured she was going to be a boy.

When she was born they quickly realized she was not a boy, and so, they didn’t officially name her Michael.

“However for whatever reason, they made Michael her nickname and everyone calls her that,” he explained.

“Her name isn’t Michael. When I met her, I found it kinda cute that everyone called her that. Now it’s just annoying. Hardy anyone calls my wife her name. Her parents, friends, family, coworkers – she’ll tell complete strangers to call her Michael.”

At this point, he finds the fact that people call his wife Michael just upsetting, and he even suggested to his wife that she could use the nickname Michelle instead since it’s more girly, but his wife refused to do that since it’s not her nickname.

“We got into a small argument where I pointed out she’s not taking my feelings into consideration here! I even had someone ask me once if my wife was trans cause of the name Michael,” he said.

Their argument ended with his wife telling him to leave their house and come back when they can discuss things.

He didn’t want to leave though, so she packed some things and left to be with her brother. He decided to phone her up a little while later thinking things had “cooled down,” at which point he again brought up to his wife that he wants her to switch her nickname to save their marriage.

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