He Left His Fiancée Home Alone For Thanksgiving After She Insisted On Making Her Own Food To Bring To His Parent’s House And He’s Asking The Internet If He Was Wrong

A 20-something-year-old man and has a fiancée who is also in her 20s, and they have been with one another for 3 years.

Most of their relationship was long-distance, and today was going to be his fiancée’s first Thanksgiving spent with his family.

“My mom invited us to attend Thanksgiving dinner and when I told my fiancee about the invitation she asked about what was prepared for dinner and I said the traditional dishes every home prepares and she made a face and said she’ll accept the invitation and go BUT will bring her own cooked food with her,” he explained.

“I was shocked I asked why because as far as I know she’s not allergic nor vegan and she hasn’t even tried my mom’s cooking.”

“She said that is just her choice and wanted to eat something else to add new flavor for thanksgiving since she was always forced to eat the same old traditional meals every year by her family.”

He immediately got upset hearing this and said to his fiancée that it would be rude of her to do that, especially considering she had never even been to his mom and dad’s house for Thanksgiving.

He continued to tell her that she absolutely cannot bring her own food for Thanksgiving, and if that’s how she feels, she can stay home alone because he doesn’t want to upset his mom.

His fiancée accused him of overreacting and trying to control her, before insisting that she should be able to come to Thanksgiving with her food. And by food, she meant a whole meal she was cooking just for herself; not like side dishes to share.

He got tired of arguing with her, so he said he was going to leave and head to his mom and dad’s house, which takes him several hours to drive to.

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