He Went On A Date Then Ditched The Girl Even Though He Drove And He’s Telling The Internet He Had A Valid Reason For Doing So

She remarks that the restaurant “is a nightmare” before going in on the “useless immigrants” working there.

She made these terrible comments in a loud enough voice that people sitting near them could hear, and they began throwing her some looks while whispering among themselves.

When his date see them, she starts saying racist things towards them, and he just sat there, unable to believe what was coming out of her mouth.

“At this point, my jaw dropped,” he said. “I’m INDIAN and she used this in front of me. She saw my expression and went “oh no I don’t mean Latinos they’re fine. I LOVE Mexican food.” So it seems that she thinks I was Latino (my birth country never really came up as I speak with an American accent) and she uses a racist word against my own countrymen in front of me.”

Their dessert then arrives at their table, then he excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, instead of going to the bathroom, he makes a bee-line for the register to pay the bill.

He left a generous tip, then proceeded to exit the restaurant without her. Remember, he was the one who drove her to the place.

“I left her there (I drove us) and went back and blocked her number,” he continued.

He’s seriously considering changing gyms so he doesn’t need to see her ever again because he doesn’t even know what he would even say to her should he run into her.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You did good. You did more than good. You paid and left. I would have left her stranded with 50% of the bill. Ghost her so good she can’t be able to reach you with a Ouija board.”


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