He Went On A Date Then Ditched The Girl Even Though He Drove And He’s Telling The Internet He Had A Valid Reason For Doing So

“…This is why you do something shorter and easier for either party to nope out on for a first date. Do “let’s meet for coffee” or “let’s go for a walk in the park” instead of committing to a sit-down meal – if there are no red flags during a 20-30minute coffee/walk, you can always suggest “That was fun, how about we go get ice cream or dinner?”

“But it gives you both the opportunity to keep a close eye out for red flags and compatibility problems, and either can choose to break everything off after 20-30mins and just walk away politely.”


“As soon as you figured out that this date was an irrecoverable disaster you should have said something like, “I find your behavior so unacceptable I am leaving now, I’ve called you an Uber to take you home, it is best if we have no further contact” and then left.”

“The way you left things there is no telling what drama she might stir up for you.”


“If you meet her at the gym, it all depends if she is going to talk to you or not. If not, just ignore her and enjoy the workout.”

“If she is going to talk to you and probably be a bit rude, you can tell her out loud you don’t go out with rude, entitled racists people.”


“You’re good, all the way good. You didn’t really even ditch her. You endured her for the full meal, endured the association to her in a public place, then paid and tipped well.”

“You gave her a few chances before calling time of death on that sitch.”

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