Her Best Friend Went Missing 42 Years Ago And After Decades Of Fighting For Answers She’s Throwing The Towel In

San Jose, California. It was July of 1979, and Diane Dye was 13-years-old. She lived in San Jose along with her older brother Dean and her parents.

That summer, Diane was aware that her mom and dad were going through a divorce, and she was very upset to hear of this news.

Diane confided in her friend Natja Kristy, who was also very close to her brother Dean, that she had made up her mind about what she was going to do.

She was planning to run away from her home.

Facebook; pictured above is Diane

“Diane and I were very close, and I even lived in their house much of the time during the latter part of the ’70s,” Natja wrote in a Facebook post on a page dedicated to Diane.

“One night when no one else was there except Diane and I, she told me she had decided to run away from home. She was very unhappy because of her parent’s divorce. Dean and she were left to fend for themselves at home and their mother was almost never there.”

“It was pretty much that way for a long time. I begged Diane not to leave, and after an hour or so she agreed to wait and think on it. I shouldn’t have left her alone, but I had not been home to my parent’s house for days and went home about an hour after she and I talked. That night hours later Diane ran away. She was never found. She was age 13 at the time.”

It was July 30th, 1979 that Diane ran away from home. Natja would be the very last person to speak to Diane before she vanished.

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