Her Best Friend Went Missing 42 Years Ago And After Decades Of Fighting For Answers She’s Throwing The Towel In

Facebook; pictured above is a photo of Diane that was taken not long before she ran away from home

Not long after Diane disappeared, across the country in New Jersey a young girl had been murdered. She was nicknamed Princess Doe since nobody knew who she was, and for a while, the FBI thought this was actually Diane.

It would ultimately be determined that Princess Doe was not Diane, and it was back to figuring out where she had gone and what had become of her.

“Two years after Diane disappeared I shared an apartment with her brother Dean,” Natja explained on Facebook.

“Her disappearance destroyed him. The walls of the apartment were plastered with her pictures. I suffered in silence over her loss because I didn’t want to add to Dean’s suffering.”

“But I missed her to the point that I often had to leave the apartment and find someplace private to grieve. Sometime later he moved out of the apartment and I lost track of him.”

Around that time in December of 1981, someone thought that they had spotted Diane at a mall that was around 50 miles away from her home.

Allegedly, that friend had spoken to Diane, who had assured them she wasn’t interested in returning home and that she did not wish for a single person to know her whereabouts. That would be the last real sighting of Diane, and in the years that followed, Natja tirelessly worked to try to solve Diane’s case.

National Center For Missing & Exploited Children; pictured above is an age-progressed photo of Diane

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