Her Best Friend’s Wedding Got Called Off At The Last Minute And Now Her Friend Is Furious With Her For Posting Anniversary Photos Since It Was Too Close To What Would Have Been The Wedding

One woman has had a best friend since they were both back in high school, and several years ago, this best friend of hers got engaged. Her best friend’s wedding was set to happen around now.

Anyway, she really grew apart from her best friend over the past few years, and she has struggled a lot with anxiety and depression, which has resulted in her seeing her best friend less around the time she got engaged.

She also went on to have children, and her best friend never bothered to be in any of their lives. On top of that, her best friend would make really last-minute plans and she wouldn’t be able to see her because she couldn’t find a babysitter with no notice for her kids.

So, all those things added up to make her feel more distant. Despite that, her best friend asked if she would like to be the maid of honor at the upcoming wedding.

She had to decline since her children were 17-months-old and 3-months-old, and she also is a stay-at-home mom so she didn’t have a lot of extra money to be a maid of honor.

“When I told her I couldn’t be her MOH she told me over text that she had known me longer than the kids and that I should prioritize better,” she explained.

“We met up and I cried saying I felt that we were no longer friends, she talked me into being her bridesmaid and that was that.”

Although her best friend convinced her to accept a role as a bridesmaid instead, she really turned into the maid of honor anyway, regardless of the fact that her best friend did give that role to someone else.

She organized the bachelorette activities, got robes for everyone for the wedding day, got all of the events planned, and she also put down $300 for a bachelorette night she could not even end up going to because it was the exact same evening as her sister’s wedding.

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