Her Fiancé Is Insisting On Inviting The Boy Who Bullied Her Throughout Middle School And High School To Their Wedding

A 26-year-old woman is getting married to her 29-year-old fiancé soon, and they’re in the middle of planning everything still.

As they were going over a list of guests to invite to their wedding, she noticed a name her fiancé had put down on the list.

“It was my middle school and high school bully,” she explained. “He threw spitballs at me and put rotting food in my desk so all the other kids would think it was me.”

“He also had a shellfish allergy and could be around shellfish but not eat it. So he knew I heated up shellfish in the microwave and would stand in front of me not letting me get to the microwave telling me I was making him sick and then get all his friends to harass me.”

“Even when I wasn’t bringing shellfish he would tell me I had a fishy smell to me and even once called it a “dirty Chinese smell”. He also made the slanted eyes racist joke in front of me regularly.”

The bullying got to be so bad, that she wound up graduating high school early at the age of 16 so she could get out of there and away from this guy.

She had absolutely no idea that her fiancé was friends with her childhood bully because she had never seen her fiancé hang out or spend any time with her childhood bully when she was dating her fiancé.

Complicating things further, her childhood bully’s mom used to babysit her fiancé, and won’t attend the wedding unless her son is invited too.

She’s also upset her childhood bully’s mom is even invited because this woman was regularly spoken to by the principal of her school about the bullying and this woman did nothing to fix it.


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