Her Friends Hang Out With The Guy Who Stalks And Harasses Her So She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Worth Losing Her Friends Over

A young woman says that more than two years ago now, a guy seemed to do a nice thing for her as she was trying to get over being dumped.

This guy got her candy and a drink in an effort to make her feel better, and she ended up kissing him on the cheek to say thank you to him.

“…Ever since then he’s been stalking and harassing me, even though I have a boyfriend and have turned him down multiple times,” she explained.

“He’s made my boyfriend and I both extremely uncomfortable. The harasser called me his “soulmate” and “love of his life” (KNOWING I HAVE A BOYFRIEND) to his close friends and I never knew he was referring to me as this until my close friend showed me screenshots and a whole LETTER.”

Also, this guy has done a few things to her that she didn’t feel comfortable talking about because of the awful memories they bring up for her.

Anyway, she happens to have a group of 4 friends, and the other day while she was outside of one of her classrooms with them at school, one of those friends exited a classroom along with the guy who harasses her.

She left as fast as she could, but she did not mention anything to her friends, despite the fact that they all are aware of what he did to her.

Apparently, this guy offered up an apology to her friends last week, and they decided to collectively forgive him, but he never decided to give her an apology.

After this guy apologized to her friends, some of them reached out to her over text about what had happened.

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