Her Mom Asked Her Friend To Not Bring Along Her Friend With Benefits To Her Engagement Party, And Now Her Friend Is Livid

A young woman is going to be getting married soon, and her wedding is happening several states away from where she lives.

Her wedding is going to be on the smaller side since her venue will only allow 60 people, and from the very beginning, she has insisted that she would only like people to attend her wedding if she is very close to them.

Anyway, her engagement party was today, and she had about 20 people on the guest list. She thought her party would be a great way for all of her wedding guests to meet one another.

Yesterday night, her friend named Alice decided to send a text to her mom, wondering if she would be able to bring her “friend” named Cameron.

The way Alice worded her text message, it appeared as if she would be ok with her mom declining to let Cameron come along.

“Alice and Cameron have been friends for a few months, very adamant that they aren’t dating (they do sleep together),” she explained, but she has never met him before.

Here’s the text her mom replied to Alice with, below:

”Hey! Thanks so much for checking:) Will you be upset or your feelings hurt if I say not for this? I know OP and OPs fiancé kind of handpicked everyone they wanted to come celebrate with them- those that mean the most to them.”

“I’m sure they would love to meet him at some point, I’m just not sure tomorrow would be the best time.”

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