Her Sister Photoshopped Photos Of Her 14-Year-Old Daughter At The Mall And She’s Telling The Internet It Obliterated Her Daughter’s Confidence

A 37-year-old mom has a sister named Valerie who is two years younger than her. She and Valerie both have daughters of their own, and her daughter is 14 and named Lucy.

“Lucy has entered her teen years, she has become a lot more self-conscious,” she explained.

“She constantly compares herself to friends at school, celebrities, etc. I currently have her attending therapy and I also try my best to remind her that she’s beautiful just the way she is.”

Yesterday, Valerie brought her daughter and Lucy to a local mall. Lucy had a great time with them, but that all changed when she came home and saw that Valerie had shared photos of them on social media.

The issue was that Lucy was photoshopped in every photo, but nobody else was. Lucy sobbed when she saw this.

“She made her complexion clearer, her teeth whiter and even slimmed in her waist,” she said about the photoshopping done to Lucy.

“Lucy also pointed out that Valerie only photoshopped her in the pics. Lucy dropped her phone on the ground and cried her eyes out.”

“Eventually, Lucy told me that she just wanted to be alone for a while. I left and went outside because I was ready to unleash on Valerie! I called her and demanded to know why she would alter Lucy’s image.”

So, she called Valerie and confronted her. Valerie’s response was that she could put anything she liked on social media.

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