On A Sunday Night After Getting Ice Cream With Her Friends, She Was Shot In Her Driveway: It’s Been 3 Years And Her Killer Hasn’t Been Caught

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. It was a Sunday night, May 13th, 2018, to be exact, when Rachael DelTondo went out to get ice cream with her friends.

She arrived back home and was standing in her driveway when she was shot and killed.

It’s now been 3 years without her killing being caught, but David Lozier, the Beaver County District Attorney, insists that Rachael will not just be another statistic.

He mentioned that he is very happy with where the investigation into her death is going, and he’s confident Rachael’s killer will pay for what they did.

Here are the most recent updates in Rachael DelTondo’s murder investigation and everything you need to know, below.

Facebook; pictured above Rachael DelTondo smiles while wearing a white dress

We’re going to quickly recap what happened shortly before Rachael’s death, first. Rachael DelTondo was suspended from her job as an elementary school teacher following an incident with an underage student who attended another local school.

The student was just 17-years-old at the time, and his name was Sheldon Jeter Jr.

Rachael knew him very well because she used to date his older brother, Rashawn Bolton. Not only did Rachael date Rashawn, but she was also out getting ice cream with him the night she was murdered.

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