She Didn’t Cover Up Her Scar When She Was A Bridesmaid In Her Friend’s Wedding And Now Her Friend Is Mad At Her

The bride had dropped a hint to her in a group chat with the rest of the bridesmaids about covering her scar up, but she had no idea that the suggestion was meant for her only.

“…A while ago, in the bridal party group chat, the bride posted a link for a concealer and said that she recommended it for anyone who needed to “cover anything up”. I thought they were just talking about makeup…I didn’t realize that message was supposed to be a hint directly to me,” she said.

Her friend took things a step further though and checked in with her husband before they left for the wedding, asking him if she had brought concealer with her.

Her husband genuinely believed the bride was referring to makeup concealer, and he said that she did have that with her for the wedding.

After getting ready for the wedding, when it turned out that she did not have anything to conceal her scar, the bride had wanted to bring it up to her but never did that since she did not want to create problems.

Since the wedding, her friend has been really aloof, and she thought it was due to the fact that she had to be preoccupied with going on her honeymoon and opening up all of her wedding day presents.

She never intended to destroy her friend’s special day, and if her friend had broached the subject with her she would have happily accommodated her request.

Her friend never gave her that opportunity though, and many of the other women who were bridesmaids at the wedding can’t believe she did not see the hint about the concealer.

She’s left wondering if she really did something wrong here.

How would you deal with this?

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