She Literally Helped Her Brother Run Off On The Day Of His Wedding, Leaving His Bride Behind

A 28-year-old woman recently arrived at her older brother’s wedding expecting to celebrate the happy occasion, but instead, she ended up having to help him run off and leave his bride at the altar.

They did have some pretty solid reasoning behind skipping out on the wedding, but first, let’s start by looking at their family dynamic.

This woman explained that their mother is as jealous as they come, and that’s what led to their parents divorcing.

Her mom wasted no time finding a new man, who came with 2 kids from a prior relationship, and her dad eventually got married again to someone new.

“Long story short, my Stepmom died in a bad car accident and my Dad called her in the middle of the night letting her know he would pick us up earlier so we could attend the funeral and she decided to take us on a fun trip to “celebrate“ something,” she said.

“It was the happiest we’ve ever seen her and when we realized what happened and started crying she told us only worthless people cry for wh***s.”

After that, her dad got custody of her and her older brothers. Althoug her dad never tried to get her and her brothers to stop speaking to their mom, that’s how things went because she wasn’t nice to them at all.

She has not seen her mom since she graduated from high school. At her graduation, her mom told absoluteyl everyone about how “ungrateful” she and her brothers were.

Meanwhile, her mom’s husband kept adding in some awful things about them too, and that’s where the relationship with her mom ended completely.

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