She Plans On Running For President When She Grows Up, But As For Right Now, This Teen Is On A Mission To Bring The Magic Of Christmas To Kids In Her Community That Could Really Use Some Holiday Cheer

Flint, Michigan. Her name is Mari, but you probably know her best as “Little Miss Flint,” a name this 14-year-old picked up quickly after she penned a letter to President Obama at the tender age of 8.

In her letter to the president, Mari asked that President Obama organize a visit to Flint, Michigan, to see just how badly the water crisis had become.

President Obama agreed, and after getting to spend time in Flint, he ultimately went on to allocate $100 million dollars to the city to help alleviate the water crisis.

Since that success, Mari hasn’t slowed down one bit with her activism.

“In 2017 Mari continued her dedication to social justice by becoming a national youth ambassador to the Women’s March on Washington and the National Climate Mari,” a website for Mari reads.

Instagram; pictured above is Mari

“Mari is also dedicated to preventing bullying and works with the anti-bullying group Trendsetters Productions. She is also a member of the Flint Youth Justice League. She also sat on the 2019 Kid Box board of directors as the chairwoman of the board.”

“She also proudly works with Eighteen by 18, a youth organization founded by her mentor Yara Shahidi.”

“Mari has also spoken twice at the March for Science about how the Flint water crisis has affected her community. Mari has a doll that is modeled after her by the doll company Lottie. She also sits on the Flint Youth Justice League and the MDE Anti-Racism Student Advisory Council.”

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