She Was Born Prematurely And Fought Her Way Through The NICU: Now Her Foster Parents Are Hoping To Adopt Her

“Unfortunately, these parents have been through a similar situation with a different path that was unfavorable for them.”

With Debbie’s parents choosing to go through private adoption, Sabrina and Zach won’t have to deal with endless court appointments, but it does mean that they need to handle everything not only through a private adoption agency but with an attorney that specializes in this as well so that they can formally adopt Debbie.

“A downfall of this private adoption route, other than the out-of-pocket expenses, is that Baby Debbie would lose the state benefits that children adopted from the foster care system are afforded,” Sabrina and Zach continued.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of baby Debbie

“The urgency in this matter is that Baby Debbie may start being moved around the foster care system within the next few days and this opportunity that has been presented by her biological parents would need to be acted on immediately.”

Sabrina and Zach were completely caught by surprise when the opportunity to adopt Debbie came up, so they were not financially prepared to shell out so much money to adopt her privately.

Sabrina and Zach have estimated that everything will cost around $15,000, and they’re hoping though that they will be able to raise the money needed to adopt Debbie.

If you would like to donate to Sabrina and Zach’s GoFundMe to help make them Debbie’s official parents, you can do that here.

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